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The crocheted winners cup

The past twenty weeks I have created a weekly puzzle for my orchestra. I could not resist to crochet my own prizes and make these beautiful winners cup. The labels on the cups are made out of leather and I laser engraved the text on it. The cups are small in size, they can easily fit in one hand, but they are one of a kind prizes. The pattern can be found below.


  • Ricorumi DK, 100% cotton, silver 10 gram
  • Ricorumi DK, 100% cotton, gold 10 gram
  • Crochet needle 3 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Piece of cardboard

Abbreviations and symbols:

Name stitchAbbreviation
single crochet stitchsc
half double crochet stitchhdc
increase two stitches, crochet 2 stitches in the next stitchincr.
decrease two stitches, crochet 2 stitches togetherdecr.
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x
number of stitches in the round(=...)


For the winners cup you need to crochet

Rnd. 1:6sc in magic ring(=6)
Rnd. 2:(incr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 3:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 4:(2sc, incr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 5:(3sc, incr.) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 6:(4sc, incr.) 6x(=36)
Rnd. 7-18:12 rounds of 36sc(=36)
Rnd. 19:36hdc(=36)
Rnd. 20-32:13 rounds of 36sc(=36)
Rnd. 33:(4sc, decr.) 6x(=30)
Fold the past 26 rounds into each other to make the shape of the cup. Rnd. 19 is the top of the cup.
Rnd. 34:30sc(=30)
Rnd. 35:(3sc, decr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 36:(2sc, decr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 37:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 38:3 rounds of 12sc(=12)
Rnd. 39:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 40:(2sc, incr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 41:(3sc, incr.) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 42:(4hdc, incr.) 6x(=36)
Rnd. 43:36sc only in the back loop(=36)
Rnd. 44:(4sc, decr.) 6x(=30)
Add a bit stuffing in the foot of the cup. Cut a circle of the cardboard, the same size as the 36hdc (rnd. 19). Place the cardboard circle in the foot.
Rnd. 45:(3sc, decr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 46:(2sc, decr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 47:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 48:(decr.) 6x(=6)

Break yarn. Pull the tail through every stitch of rnd. 48, pull firmly to close the open circle.

Now make two handles for the cup

Rnd. 1:6sc in magic ring(=6)
Rnd. 2-18:17 rounds of 6sc(=6)
Fold the work and close with 3sc

Sew these handles on the side of the cup. Attach the bottom of the handle flat on the cup. The top will be placed perpendicular to the side of the cup. I have a label you can sew on the front of the cup.