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Hi! I am Tessa

A Dutch crochet lover who likes to spend her free time mostly with crocheting, trying out new crochet stitches and now for Tiny Tessa’s making her own crochet patterns.

In my day to day life I work as a test engineer at Quooker; conducting all kind of tests to improve the system of the hot boiling water, chilled and cooled water tap. Something completely different than designing crochet patterns. But the iteration stages are the same, thinking of a goal and building (crocheting) the prototype. When I am not at work you'll see me mostly with a crochet needle in my hand. For example while commuting to and from work in the train. Or at home you can find little bits of yarn and crochet needles everywhere.

My creativity and interest in crochet is all coming from my grandma Tiny, (the Tiny of Tiny Tessa’s). During one of my projects in my student time I had to develop a product line where we would combine traditional and modern handicrafts. I had the idea to reproduce crocheted doilies with 3D printing. Unfortunately I could not crochet very thight and make beautiful doilies. However, my grandma could, so she crocheted them for me and I made replications of them with 3D scanning and 3D printing. After this project I wanted to learn how to crochet myself. It resulted in watching lots of YouTube videos, trying tutorials and failed projects. But over the years (almost seven now) my crochet skills have advanced and everyday I still learn new tricks.

I like to crochet amigurumi the most. Making little animals and cuddly toys that are great as a gift for family and friends. Once in a while I also crochet stuff for the house, but these projects are bigger and take more time to crochet. Working on the somewhat smaller crochet projects I enjoy the most. This way I can work on many different ideas and create lots of different rattles, cuddly toys and other fun stuff.