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Party Animal Rattle

A party animal for my 30th birthday. I had to celabrate my 30th on a special way in crochet style. This year (2022) I had as resolution to make different crocheted baby rattles and of course a party animal or feestvarken (as we call it in the Netherlands) could not be missed in my collection. On the bottom of this page you can find the pattern of the party animal.


  • Yarn Ricorumi DK: pink (25gram), Blue (5 gram), Purple (5 gram), Dark pink (2gram) and a little black and white for the eyes (2gram).
  • Crochet needle 2,5mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Wooden ring, diameter 70mm
  • Stitch markers, you can also use a rest piece of yarn that you place in between the stitch.
  • Stuffing for the body
  • Rattle



Name stitchAbbreviation
Magic ringMR
slip stitchslst
single crochetsc
half double crochet stitchhdc
double crochet stitchdc
crochet 2 stitches in the next stitchincr.
crochet 2 stitches together in one stitchdecr.
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x

Patch wooden ring

Crochet with pink in rows. If you have bought another size ring, then make sure that the width of one row matches the circumference of the wooden the ring.

Rnd. 1:11ch, trn.(=11)
Rnd. 2-21:20 rounds of 10sc, 1ch trn.(=10)

Break yarn and leave long tail. Fold the patch around the wooden ring and sew togehter. Knot the beginning strand and the end yarn together and hide into the crocheted work.


Crochet with pink in rounds.

Rnd. 1:6sc in MR(=6)
Rnd. 2:(incr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 3:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 4:(2sc, incr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 5:(3sc, incr.) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 6:(4sc, incr.) 6x(=36)
Rnd. 7:(5sc, incr.) 6x(=42)
Rnd. 8-16:9 rounds of 42sc(=42)
Rnd. 17:(5sc, decr.) 6x(=36)
Put the rattle bead inside the head and stuff slightly.
Rnd. 18:(4sc, decr.) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 19:(3sc, decr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 20:(2sc, decr.) 6x(=18)
Stuff the head completely.
Rnd. 21:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 22-30:10 rounds of 12sc(=12)

If you have bought a different wooden ring then crochet more or less rounds between rnd 22-30. Make sure the rounds just fit around the ring. I always have to pull a bit to make it around the wooden ring. You want to avoid that the head will hang loose when the child plays with the rattle. Fold the last round and close with 6sc. Break yarn and leave long thread to sew the head around the ring. Sew to the head on rnd 19.

Ears (x2)

Crochet with pink in rows.

Rnd. 1:5sc in MR, 1ch, trn.(=5)
Rnd. 2:1sc, (incr with hdc & dc), incr with dc, (incr with dc & hdc), 1sc, 1ch, trn(=8)
Rnd. 3:2sc (incr with hdc & dc), incr with dc x2, (incr with dc & hdc), 2sc(=12)
Rnd. 4:Fold ear, 1ch, 3sc through both sides of the rows.(=3)

Pull the magic ring to shape the ears. Break yarn and leave long tail. Lay ear flat on the head on rnd. 5 and sew onto the head


Crochet with Pink in rounds around the ch.

Rnd. 1:4ch(=4)
Rnd. 2:Start in 2nd ch from hook, 2sc, 4sc in last stitch, 1sc, 3sc in last stitch(=10)
Rnd. 3:Incr, 1sc, incr x4, 1sc, incr x3(=18)
Rnd. 4:1sc, incr, 1sc, (1sc, incr) x4, 1sc, (1sc, incr) x3(=26)
Rnd. 5:2ss(=2)

Break yarn, leave longer tail. Embroider with dark pink two nose holes on rnd 2 with 1sc in between them. Sew nose onto the head between rnd. 12 and rnd. 19.

Party Hat

Crochet with Pink in rounds around the ch.

Rnd. 1:6sc in mr(=6)
Rnd. 2:6sc(=6)
Rnd. 3:(1sc, incr) x3(=9)
Rnd. 4:9sc(=9)
Rnd. 5:(2sc, incr) x3(=12)
Rnd. 6:12sc(=12)
Rnd. 7:(3sc, incr) x3(=15)
Rnd. 8:15sc(=15)
Rnd. 9:(4sc, incr) x3(=18)
Rnd. 10:18sc(=18)
Rnd. 11:2ss(=2)

Break yarn, leave longer tail. Sew party hat on the head. Let some yarn pieces pop out of the party hat. Tie some of the strings together and pull through the magic ring.


Embroider with black yarn 2 eyes of 2 rows high just above the nose with 4 sc in between them. Embroider 3 black lines over each other and embroider a small white line over 1 of the black lines to add a white accent.