The dogs of My Krissie Dolls

‘Mijn hondjes van sokkenwol’ is a great book with patterns of doggies. It is sometimes difficult to capture the characteristics of a certain dog breed in a pattern but My Krissiedolls has achieved it! The patterns of all doggies is approximately the same, but it are the details that make the differences between the dogs. I like to add extra details to recreate the dogs of my friends. I have made now several dogs of the book and the patterns are easy to follow. Unfortunately the book is only available in Dutch and available in paperback.

In the website of My Krissie Dolls you can find all the materials that you need to crochet the dogs. I only bought the accesories box for the dogs and used Katia yarns since I like to crochet with this yarn. But in case you want a complete package then buy one of these.