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The Scream Bunny

The scream is my fourth painting of the painting exhibition. After some detailed patterns of the Nightwatch and the Girl with a pearl I wanted to crochet something more simplistic. The scream is one of my easier patterns since you only have to crochet the bunny and the jacket.

The Scream is painted by Edvard Munch and contains a figure under a sunset. This figure has become a mysterious presence that is difficult to define. Is the figure we see a woman or a man? Is it wearing a black coat, or a dress? Is it a skull or a face we are looking at? Why doesn’t the figure have hair? These difficult and indistinct features of the figure make The Scream into a visual enigma.

The original painting is exhibited in the the National Museum Oslo.



  • Crochet needle 2,5mm
  • Buy yarn that can be crocheted with a crochet needle of 2,5mm. I always use Katia Capri or Yarn & colors Must-Have. Use yarn in the following colors: Sand (30gr), Marine blue (15gr) and Black (5gr)
  • 2 Safety eyes oval shape 8,5 x 6 mm
  • Pompon maker for 2,5 cm pompons
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers, you can also use a rest piece of yarn that you place in between the stitch.
  • Stuffing for the body