Bunny baby rattle

Crocheted rattles are an ideal gift for baby’s! What I like is that it does not take that much time as when you have to crochet the complete animal. The same with this Bunny, I really like this pattern and all the different colors transitions, but I have created in a shorter time this rattle than the complete bunny.

For this pattern you have to buy the pattern for the complete Mondriaan bunny. You will only use the first 32 rounds of the pattern. How to convert this pattern into a rattle can be found in the bottom of this page.


  • Crochet needle 2,5mm
  • Buy yarn that can be crocheted with a crochet needle of 2,5mm approximately 20 grams, a small piece of black to embroider the eyes and nose.
  • Wooden ring 70 mm diameter
  • Rattle
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers, I always use a rest piece of yarn that I place in between the stitch.
  • Stuffing for the head

Name stitchAbbreviation
slip stitchslst
single crochetsc
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x
decrease two stitches, crochet 2 stitches together in one stitchdecr.

Pattern for the baby rattle:

In the baby rattle you embroider the eyes instead of using the safety eyes. The safety eyes are not safe for children below 3 years old.

Follow the pattern of the bunny head till round 32. Before the start of round 31 you embroider two eyes and the nose. Finish round 31 and 32. Stuff the head and insert the rattle. Continue with the pattern below.

Rnd. 33:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 34 - 41:8 rounds of 12v(=12)

The last part of the head: break yarn and leave long tail. Stuff the head properly, but make sure rnd. 33-41 stays empty. Fold the ends and close it by sewing. Leave the tail, we need it later for attaching the head to the rattle.

The next step is to crochet a piece to cover the wooden ring. You crochet it with the same color as you used for the last 8 rounds of the head.

Rnd. 1:chain 11, start next round in the 2nd chain from the hook.(=11)
Rnd. 2 - 21:20 round of 10 v(=10)

Sew the piece around the wooden ring and hide the leftover thread. Now fold the head (rounds 34 - 41) around the wooden ring and sew rnd. 41 to the backside of the head. Pull thread to have a smooth transition on the backside of the head.