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Bunny baby rattle

Crocheted rattles are an ideal gift for baby’s! What I like is that it does not take that much time as when you would crochet the complete animal. The same with this Bunny, I really like the pattern, but I can create this bunny rattle in a shorter time than the complete bunny.


  • Crochet needle 2,5mm
  • Buy yarn that can be crocheted with a crochet needle of 2,5mm. I always use Katia Capri, Yarn & colors Must-Have or Ricorumi DK. Use approximately 25 grams of yarn and a small piece of black to embroider the eyes and nose.
  • Wooden ring 70 mm diameter
  • Rattle bead
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers, you can also use a rest piece of yarn that you place in between the stitch.
  • Stuffing for the head


Name stitchAbbreviation
slip stitchslst
single crochetsc
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x
decrease two stitches, crochet 2 stitches together in one stitchdecr.

Patch wooden ring

Crochet in rows. If you have bought another size ring, then make sure that the width of one row matches the circumference of the wooden the ring.

Row. 1:11ch, trn(=11)
Row. 2-21:20 rows of 10sc, 1ch trn.(=10)

Break yarn and leave long tail. Fold the patch around the wooden ring and sew together. Knot the beginning strand and the end yarn together and hide into the crocheted work.

Ear 1

Crochet in rounds

Rnd. 1:5sc in MR(=5)
Rnd. 2:(incr.) 5x(=10)
Rnd. 3-10:8 rounds of 10sc(=10)

Make a slst. in the next stitch and break yarn. Hide the leftover yarn.

Ear 2

Repeat rnd. 1 - 10 of ear 1. Do not break yarn at the end.


Crochet the two ears together with 2 slst. Place your crochet needle through 1 sc of ear 1 and 1sc of ear 2. Pull the yarn through both stitches and make a slst. See the picture on the right. Repeat another time before continueing with rnd. 11

Rnd. 11:1sc in all leftover stitches of both ears.(=16)
Rnd. 12:3sc, incr. 7sc, incr. 4sc(=18)
Rnd. 13:(2sc, incr.) x6(=24)
Rnd. 14:(3sc, incr.) x6(=30)
Rnd. 15:30sc(=30)
Rnd. 16:(4sc, incr.) x6(=36)
Rnd. 17:36sc(=36)
Rnd. 18:(5sc, incr.) x6(=42)
Rnd. 19-20:2 rounds of 42sc(=42)
Rnd. 21:(6sc, incr.) x6(=48)
Rnd. 22-23:2 rounds of 48sc(=48)
Rnd. 24:22sc, (incr.) x6, 20sc(=54)

The 6x incr. of rnd. 24 is the nose of the bunny. Pay attention that those stitches are placed in the middle of the head. Otherwise crochet more or less sc’s before these incr.

Rnd. 25-27:3 rounds of 54sc(=54)
Rnd. 28:(7sc, decr.) x6(=48)
Rnd. 29:(6sc, decr.) x6(=42)
Rnd. 30:(5sc, decr.) x6(=36)
Rnd. 31:(4sc, decr.) x6(=30)
Rnd. 32:(3sc, decr.) x6(=24)
Rnd. 33:(2sc, decr.) x6(=18)
Rnd. 34:(1sc, decr.) x6(=12)
Rnd. 35-44:10 rounds of 12sc(=12)

If you have bought a different wooden ring then crochet more or less rounds between rnd 35-44. Make sure the rounds just fit around the ring. I always have to pull a bit to make it around the wooden ring. You want to avoid that the head will hang loose when the child plays with the rattle. Fold the last round and close with 6sc. Break yarn and leave long thread to sew the head around the ring at the end of the pattern.

Fold rnd. 35-44 around the wooden ring and sew to the head (rnd 31). Make sure the head fits tight around the ring.

Nose and eyes

Embroider a nose of 4sc in width between rnd. 24 and 25. In the two rows underneath the nose you embroider a mouth. Between rnd 22 and 24 you embroider 2sc next to the nose two black lines. Over one black line you embroider a white accent.