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The bunny with Hoooked Eucalyps yarn

Last month I made a post about the Hoooked Eucalyps yarn and how I loved the look and feel of the yarn. I decided to make one of my bunnies with the yarn and I really like the result. For the bunny I have used the bunny pattern and for the eyes I crocheted two white eye patches with embroidered black lines. Below you can find how to crochet these white eye patches.



  • Eucalyps Dalia
  • Some white and black yarn for the eyes that you can crochet with 2,5mm hook.
  • Stuffing for the body
  • Crochet needle 4 mm
  • Crochet needle 2,5 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pompon maker for 3 cm pompons
  • Stitch markers, you can also use a rest piece of yarn that you place in between the stitch.

Abbreviations and symbols:

Name stitchAbbreviation
slip stitchslst
single crochetsc
increase two stitches, crochet 2 stitches in the next stitchincr.
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x

Pattern eye patches:

The eye patches are made with white yarn and I have used a crochet needle of size 2,5mm for it.

Rnd. 1:6sc in magic ring(=6)
Rnd. 2:(incr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 3:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)

Break yarn. Embroider now a black line between round 2 and 3. Attach the eye patches next to the nose at the side of the head.

The only thing what I experienced with the yarn is that it is difficult to make pompoms with it. The yarn exists out of multiple threads and is really soft. If I bundle the fibers, they will stay flat and you see clearly the thread with which I bundled them. Thus, I have to design another fluffy tail when I crochet more bunnies with Hoooked Eucalyps yarn. For the example in the pictures I have used a rest piece wool yarn.


The pompom making with the eucalyps yarn